At John L. Lowery & Associates, Inc. (herein after referred to as "Lowery") worker safety is of the utmost importance in all work related activities. It is the goal of Lowery to eliminate all incidents from the work place. With this fact in mind, Lowery implemented a comprehensive safety program that covers all workers under their supervision. Importance will be placed on finding ways to insure an incident/accident free work environment. The well being of our employees and their safety is our highest priority. Therefore, hazards in the workplace shall be identified, evaluated, and successfully eliminated or managed.

The cooperation of all Lowery employees is needed in order for our safety program to be successful.  Each employee shall participate fully in our safety program and is fully aware of his or her own safety, as well the safety of their fellow employees, or any other persons visiting our worksite.  Every employee's cooperation is expected.

Our management is responsible for demonstrating safety leadership and is focused on continuous improvements of our safety program.

Lowery employees are our most valuable resource.