Full Range Inspection & Expediting
Over the years our company has acquired considerable experience in the various areas of inspection (construction, maintenance, turnarounds, source inspection).
Our employees function as representatives of the client and serve under their direction as liaison between them and the prime contractor.
We can supply experienced inspectors certified as CWI (American Welding Society) and/or API 510/570/653, NACE and others.
In addition to inspection and supervision our employees can capably function in other related areas such as:
  • Bid specifications & change orders
  • Cost control
  • Expediting
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing
We offer a total inspection package tailored to the client’s needs.
Our inspection personnel are thoroughly indoctrinated in environmental awareness and safety consciousness, two very important aspects of an efficient operation.
Nondestructive Testing Monitoring
The effectiveness of nondestructive testing (NDT) application depends upon the capabilities of the personnel who monitor, verify and observe nondestructive testing.
Lowery and Associates inspection personnel have undergone extensive training, testing and certification. A written practice is in effect which meets the latest edition of ASNT-TC-1A. These testing activities serve to train and evaluate the inspector’s knowledge to monitor the NDE activities. An ASNT certified Level III administers our training and testing program. Training is conducted in the following methods:
VT – Visual Testing                              MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
RT – Radiographic Testing                   UT – Ultrasonic Testing
PT – Liquid Penetrant                          BT – Bubble Testing (Leak Testing)
We understand the need for qualified and properly trained personnel to perform NDT monitoring and verifications for the petrochemical industry.
Familiar Codes and Standards
Lowery inspectors are familiar with and have experience in working with the following codes and standards: ASME, ASTM, AWS, AISC, ANSI (or ASA), API, TEMA, NEMA, ULA, and AAR. With this experience our inspectors can assure our clients the optimum quality assurance, quality control and definite savings of time and money.
QA/QC Department
We also provide technical / field support from our in-house QA/QC Department if needed. On short notice we can cover your emergency assignments for one day or for several days, in town or out of town.